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Wage gap

This interactive graphic from the (March 2009) New York Times is well-designed and very understandable. My favorite part is the explanatory annotations when you click a certain occupation.

It’s interesting to see the three occupations in which women make more than men.

(Thanks, Sherri.)

Visualizations of Choose Your Own Adventure books

Visualizations of Choose Your Own Adventure books. The one above includes a story (pg. 101-104) not reachable from the main plot; it can only be stumbled upon.


The aim of the research is to extend the cartographic metaphor beyond visual analogy, and to expose it as a narrative model and tool to intervene in complex, heterogeneous, dynamic realities, just like those of human geography.


Mythical creatures

Who says the shapes in Venn diagrams have to be round? (via kottke)

Pretty infographics

A bunch of links to beautiful graphics, including this famous one.

Also one about crocheting? The design is nice but I’m not sure what it’s trying to convey.

Caffeine & calories

Be sure to click through to the full image.

One problem I have with this image is that the axes neither stand out or cross at the origin. I thought these foods were organized in some sort of tree at first. I need to know that this is a scatterplot as soon as I see it. Also the axes cross at completely arbitrary points. “Energy Drink” and “Sm. Iced Mocha” are actually very similar, but they appear to be in different quadrants.

Does a butter croissant really have negative amounts of caffeine?

And don’t link the pictures of sports players with the same type of white dotted line as the foods.

OK, I’m done.


"The Sad Tally"

Another infographic. Interesting notes in the bottom right paragraph.

The east side of the bridge has a pedestrian walkway.

Amazon infographic

There are three different ways of showing time here, which is confusing. One is horizontal distance. The leftmost branch is 1998, the rightmost is 2009. Also there’s vertical distance. Foodista was acquired early in 2009, Zappos most recently. And last there’s color, with a key at the bottom.

Also, I’m not sure what it means for the green line to branch like that. Is it just aesthetics or is there a meaning?

Our flag

History of our flag. I should make stuff like this.

Beat-by-beat breakdown

PHOTO: Neat infographic: A beat-by-beat breakdown